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Information Modelling

In today's fast paced world technology is under constant pressure to remain agile and reinvent itself to satisfy new demands from the business, our experience shows that organisations that have invested in Information Modelling practices are able to more readily meet and exceed these demands on a consistent basis.

Information Modelling resolves to a composite solution that ensures the movement of business content throughout the organisation's technology enterprise in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Information Modelling provides a cohesive framework for an organisation's data structures, workflows and business processes that reside outside its core applications but still within its technology infrastructure. Why modelling? Lonispace believe the traditional approach to technology implementations of complex business solutions does not achieve the desired results for a project of lower risk, improved productivity or an enhanced customer experience, however by contrast, modelling provides a fluid reference to the technology to be deployed with the focus being, the business objectives not the technology imperatives.

Lonispace has developed a best practice implementation framework that supports our Technology Modelling approach and ensures the processes and modelling artefacts described in the Information Model conform to the Implementation Framework to ensure that they provide a transparent and auditable roadmap, ensuring appropriate asset re-use in future projects.

Lonispace as part of their Information Modelling methodology have defined an Information Map template that provides the glue between the business inputs and the underlying technology outputs that are recommended to support the business. The Information Map template provides as the input phase; the business requirement maps by department, by business function and by department crossover at the necessary level of detail that provides for further break down into detailed process and data maps, while the Information Map template provides as the output phase; the process maps to information maps to data maps by applications and data repositories as well as the recommended additional applications and data repositories.



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