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Today's organisations seek to gain a competitive advantage through the use of improved business processes supported by technology. Throughout 2006 Australian organisations are turning to the new wave of BPM tools to provide the necessary innovation required to achieve these ambitious but necessary goals.

Lonispace is a highly specialised technology modelling company and our team has worked in the BPM field for 9 years. Lonispace is conversant with the leading vendors that offer BPM products and has become very skilled in the application of these tools in the Australian Financial Services market.

There is no doubt that the new wave of BPM tools offered today promise far greater gains for a business than were previously possible, some key points are shown below that modern BPM tools should provide:

•  Quicker deployment times
•  Less skilled labour to use the tools
•  The ability to reduce the complexity and cost of the business
   requirements mapping
•  The ability to design the business processes, sub processes,
   workflows & business logic from a single GUI
•  A GUI that enables the business to comprehend and provide
   input beyond the high level design of the business processes
•  A tool that can configure the processes, workflows and logic
   typically without the need to write code
•  A deployment model with tools that provides a low cost and
   low risk phased delivery of a solution

An example of where Lonispace has applied its skills coupled with TIBCO’s BPM product suite to solve a customer business challenge of transaction transparency, full audit capability and Basel II support in Australia (as proposed by ASIC and APRA) is a Loan Approval System for a bank resident in Australia.

•  Intra day review of the loan status
•  Faster turnaround of loan requests - 200% reduction in time
•  On-line and instant verification of loan status
•  Removal of inefficient and error-prone double entry of loan
   request data
•  Electronic access to all security documents
•  Significant improvement in the management and security of
   the loan book

One of the significant challenges in this solution was the decomposition of the complexities of the loan application to ensure they were easily supported in a single browser based UI environment without additional scrolling or mouse clicks that would have made the solution difficult to adopt by the users.

As the solution implemented involved many technology components within the bank the care taken in developing interlocking data models and schemas was of paramount importance. To ensure that the performance expectations of the bank were met Lonispace created a distributed composite master reference data model that provided for messaging, transformation, mapping, enrichment, storage and business logic to ensure the business and functional requirements were met.





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