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Role Description
Business Consulting Senior banking consultants who can advise on all elements of delivering a business-aligned IT strategy including, implementing best practices in process improvement, project management and software development processes.
Technology Consulting Senior IT architects who have strong domain expertise in the Financial Markets who can recommend the most appropriate underlying software architecture for your organisation
Program Management Experienced project manager with proven experience managing enterprise projects using industry standard methodologies
Architectural Services Senior IT architects who specialise in the design of Information and Data integration solutions, that most often are implemented via a best practice Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework.

Our architects can assist you with the design and implementation of the most appropriate architecture to suit your business and IT strategies
Implementation Services

Over the past 10 years we have consulted on, designed, implemented and have being hired in a variety of roles to deploy a range of technologies within the Financial Services Markets.

  • - SOA Architect in particular for the ICC
  • - Information Modelling Architect
  • - Data Modelling Architect
  • - Senior Java Developers
  • - Senior XML Developers
  • - Technical Business Analysis
  • - EAI, ETL and EII specialists
  • - Application Migration specialists
  • - Database design

With over 10 years experience in enterprise wide TIBCO projects we can provide all the resources necessary to ensure a very successful implementation.

  • - TIBCO Architects for SOA
  • - TIBCO Architects for BPM, Middleware,
       Migration & RDM
  • - TIBCO Senior Developers for SOA
  • - TIBCO Senior Developers for Enterprise
  • - TIBCO Senior Developers for
       BPM,Middleware, Migration & RDM
  • - TIBCO Developers for SOA
  • - TIBCO Developers for BPM,Middleware,
       Migration & RDM
  • - Database design, deploy and tune

While we have only recently (November 2008) acquired the Asset Control implementation rights for Asia Pacific we can provide all the resources necessary to ensure a highly successful implementation of AC+ or TAPMaster. In most cases our resources are sought from overseas.

  • - Architecture and design - MDM, RDM and
       business solutions (Reference, Market and
       Business Data)
  • - AC+ Architect
  • - AC+ design
  • - AC+ Developers
  • - TAPMaster Architect
  • - TAPMaster design
  • - TAPMaster Developers




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