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FORMa is a business solution for Institutional banks, it is designed to provide access for front office personnel to all the required data that enables them to make accurate decisions regarding the profit, cash flow, exposure and risk of an order prior to execution. FORMa is a composite technology solution and therefore some of FORMa's key elements will probably already exist within your bank. FORMa is ideally suited to a bank that wishes to enjoy aggregated real time trade data made available to both traders and management even when they have more than 3 or more key independent front office trade entry applications.

FORMa requires trades to be entered into each front office application as the order is received to be able to provide accurate and relevant real time positions for limits and volatility. FORMa removes the need for additional data entry of the trade at the mid or back office facility.

FORMa supports a number of banking data model standards within the core design of the application, such as MDDL, FpML, ISO 20022, etc. Additional emerging data models can be added as they mature and are accepted by the broad banking community (i.e. ISO TC68/SC4 WG11). FORMa holds a super set of the front office schemas and transposes these into its banking model, additional modeling of the market data feeds are also held in the banking model to form the completed banking model. The banking model repository is composed of business patterns that orchestrate events as well as maintaining the unique ID's including reference data details.

FORMa business review - PDF
FORMa Technical review - PDF



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