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Enterprise Data Modelling

Lonispace has significant years of experience in the practice of Master Data Management (MDM) specifically related to integrating enterprise data in an orderly and structured manner as it is externalised via various interface types and or data models and presented to the enterprise for use in other applications or environments (i.e part of an SOA architecture or part of a compliance and governance reporting repository).

Our aim is to offer a recommended best practice approach for our customers when they are wrestling with a resolution to their common data integration challenges such as integrating data and applications and the need to identify and cleanse similar data objects across various systems while enabling the possibility of an agreed common data model structure across the enterprise.

To provide the best practice approach Lonispace has invested considerable resource in the investigation, implementation and review of various data integration projects. At the end of this extensive effort that was conducted over a period of years we have adopted the view that Master Data Management (MDM) is the overriding approach to data stewardship that has as its core focus the management, validation, cleansing, audit and reconciliation of all data elements throughout the integrated enterprise.

To achieve a best practice approach to MDM Lonispace has drawn upon its vast experience in information and data integration projects to be able to define a consistent best practice approach and to describe all the key elements that support this proposed MDM approach. The key components that comprise our best practice MDM approach are; Information Modelling Best Practice, Information Model Implementation Framework, Services Oriented Architecture Best Practice and Data Modelling best practice.

Data Modelling typically brings to mind a database and how to best structure, fine tune and deploy content for an application, a data warehouse or an operational data store. There has been numerous books, documents and white papers written on how best to construct, fine tune and deploy data bases of these types and therefore it is not our intention to attempt to add to this already well documented disclipine in managing your data silos. Rather our focus is on the notion of integrating enterprise data in a more orderly and structured manner as it is externalised via an interface of some type and presented to the enterprise for use in other applications or environments (i.e part of an SOA architecture or part of a compliance and governance reporting repository), we have defined this overall approach as Master Data Management (MDM).

One of the most important outcomes of Data Modelling is a concrete understanding of the implemented data within the organisation. Within the context of MDM the Data Model is a realisation of the Information Model (please see Information Modelling Best Practice for a further explanation) and the rules which have been embraced within its development. When combined with the enterprise Information Model your organisation can resolve a solution that ensures the movement of business content throughout the organisation's technology enterprise in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

In summary, Lonispace offer an MDM approach that is based on the premise that data and information integration are the key underlying architectural principles.

For clarification purposes Lonispace submit that the Data Model is created to define the meaning of the data within the Enterprise, its values, and how the data (operational or static content) is related to it's structures. The structure of the data will include logical business entities and their interdependencies as derived from the Information Model. The process of analysing the data to create the Data Model is known as Data Modelling.



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