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The Lonispace Approach

Lonispace is driven by a firm belief that customers deserve the best possible return for their investment when deploying technology and that the informed expectations of our customers must be fulfilled by the technology they choose.

This overriding approach to our customer’s projects means that Lonispace provide fixed price proposals that have a minimum of risk associated with them while still providing flexibility that support small changes throughout the project without impacting the cost or time frames of the implementation.

Lonispace believe risk reduction is the equal of the two most important aspects of a technology project today and if the following three key items are adhered to Lonispace believe the project risk will be significantly reduced.

Know what outcomes you wish to achieve

While this seems the simplest and most basic requirement for an IT project, our experience has shown that at times there is a gap in understanding between the business and their expectations and the IT department and its understanding of the deliverables

Lonispace resolve this gap by reviewing the Business Events/Processes to be satisfied, and then document the additional Task detail that may be required to satisfy the business expectations. Our experience shows that Business Processes are normally well documented whereas low level Tasks are often not as well defined or documented.

Only engage experienced individuals

In our opinion, IT experience on its own is never enough to ensure a successful implementation however relevant experience most often is. Relevant experience focuses on both the business related drivers of that domain as well as the technology, thus providing a composite view of the IT project and its intended deliverables for the business.

This composite view translates into a readiness by the business to embrace and actively support the new solution implemented.

Ensure your chosen implementation partner has a “readiness to listen”

A projects success is influenced by how well the Business events are produced, documented and discussed. This active interaction provides for a common language that provides the bridge between the customer and Lonispace. This common language goes a long way towards ensuring a “readiness to listen”

Our Information Patterns provide the catalyst for these active interactions with our customer’s staff and when all of this information is absorbed we are able to produce agreed, project specific Information Models derived from the appropriate Information Patterns.



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