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Overview & History

Lonispace is a systems integration company whose focus is the provision of software solutions for our customers, which is underpinned by our unique Technology Modelling approach. Why modelling? Lonispace believe the traditional approach to technology implementations of complex business solutions does not achieve the desired results for a project of lower risk, improved productivity or an enhanced customer experience. Lonispace has developed a best practice implementation framework that supports our Technology Modelling approach.

Historically over the course of their long careers each team member had become increasingly frustrated by their inability to ensure that the technology implemented for their customer delivered 100% of the stated business objectives of the project in question. Lonispace was established to ensure that customers did not experience this situation again.

To achieve this goal Lonispace believed they required something different to the current offerings from our peers in the industry, so based upon extensive research of other successful projects, Lonispace concluded that modelling, experience, expertise and initiative are the most important ingredients in delivering the promised project business deliverables.

The core team members of Lonispace have enjoyed industry leadership positions throughout their careers and the founding members of Lonispace have each worked in the Information Technology industry for more than 25 years. This extensive experience and close working relationship between each team member has translated into highly successful projects for our customers.

Subsequently Lonispace designed their Modelling Framework and created a profile of the ideal Lonispace employee to ensure that the entire Lonispace team exhibited the traits of; a passion for excellence, unrelenting drive and initiative, coupled with relevant project skills and experience. Lonispace has consistently performed beyond the expectations of their customers, by ensuring we lower the risk of a technology implementation and by enhancing the business value of the completed solution via our modelling approach.

Key offerings to our customers include:
1. Enterprise Information Integration
2. SOA implementations – A four step framework
3. Enterprise Data Integration
4. Enterprise Data Migration
5. UDM for real time reporting

Our client references are a good indication of our success in our endeavours and the Australian financial market sector is our principle focus.


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